Jeet - (1996)

Tells the story of a feared hit man named Karan, who kills for the mobster Gajraj. On one assignment, Karan meets and falls madly in love with Kajal, the beautiful daughter of an associate...

Release: 08/23/1996

IMDB: 5.5

Genders: Action, Drama, Romance

Countries: Hindi

Subtitles: 7

Time: 180 min

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Spanish DVD (2 years ago)

Spanish DVD (2 years ago)




Explores the high-pressure experiences of police, paramedics and firefighters who are thrust into the most frightening, shocking and heart-stopping situations. They must try to balance ...

Release: N/A

IMDB: 6.8

Genders: Drama

Countries: USA

Subtitles: 79

Time: 43 min

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English Web (2 days ago)

English Web (2 days ago)

Enemy of the State

Enemy of the State - (1998)

A lawyer becomes a target by a corrupt politician and his NSA goons when he accidentally receives key evidence to a serious politically motivated crime.

Release: 11/20/1998

IMDB: 7.3

Genders: Action, Crime, Drama

Countries: English

Subtitles: 114

Time: 132 min

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Baabul - (2006)

Babul tells the tale of a man (Bachchan) who tries to bring happiness back into his daughter-in-law (Mukherjee)'s life after his son (Salman)'s death.

Release: 12/08/2006

IMDB: 5.4

Genders: Drama, Family, Romance

Countries: Hindi

Subtitles: 14

Time: 169 min

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Release: N/A

IMDB: 5.7

Genders: Drama, Romance, War

Countries: China

Subtitles: 70

Time: min

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A Scene at the Sea

A Scene at the Sea - (1991)

The lives of a young, hearing-impaired and gloomy couple are fulfilled after the boy holds interest in surfboarding.

Release: 10/19/1991

IMDB: 7.6

Genders: Drama, Comedy, Romance

Countries: Japan

Subtitles: 11

Time: 101 min

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English Blu-ray (21 minutes ago)

French DVD (one year ago)

French Blu-ray (one year ago)


iZombie - (2015)

A medical resident finds that being a zombie has its perks, which she uses to assist the police.

Release: 03/19/2015


Genders: Crime, Drama, Comedy

Countries: English

Subtitles: 1124

Time: 42 min

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What's Eating Gilbert Grape

What's Eating Gilbert Grape - (1994)

After his father's death, Gilbert has to care for his mentally disabled brother, Arnie, and his morbidly obese mother, which is suddenly challenged when love walks into his life.

Release: 03/04/1994

IMDB: 7.8

Genders: Drama, Romance

Countries: English

Subtitles: 89

Time: 118 min

Updated: an hour ago

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Farsi/Persian Blu-ray (one month ago)

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The Magicians

The Magicians - (2016)

After being recruited to a secretive academy, a group of students discover that the magic they read about as children is very real-and more dangerous than they ever imagined.

Release: 03/05/2016

IMDB: 7.6

Genders: Drama, Horror, Fantasy

Countries: English

Subtitles: 742

Time: min

Updated: an hour ago

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Agni Cantabile 

Agni Cantabile 

Based on the same novel by Ming Xiaoxi, the story focuses on a lively and passionate heir to a big estate, Ru Ge, and her entangled love with three men in her life. One enters a life of ...

Release: N/A


Genders: Drama, Fantasy, Romance

Countries: China

Subtitles: 30

Time: min

Updated: an hour ago

English N/A (an hour ago)

Indonesian N/A (20 hours ago)

English N/A (yesterday)