They Live

They Live - (1988)

A drifter discovers a pair of sunglasses that allow him to wake up to the fact that aliens have taken over the Earth.

Release: 11/04/1988

IMDB: 7.3

Genders: Action, Sci-Fi, Horror, Comedy

Countries: USA

Subtitles: 76

Time: 93 min

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Norwegian Blu-ray (7 months ago)

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Turbo Kid

Turbo Kid - (2015)

In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, a comic book fan dons the persona of his favourite hero to save his enthusiastic friend and fight a tyrannical overlord.

Release: 08/28/2015

IMDB: 6.7

Genders: Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Comedy

Countries: English

Subtitles: 56

Time: 93 min

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Last Comic Standing

Last Comic Standing - (2013)

The comics from season one face off against the comics from season two.

Release: 09/02/2013

IMDB: 6.3

Genders: Comedy, Game-Show, Reality-TV

Countries: USA

Subtitles: 10

Time: 60 min

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English N/A (2 years ago)

English N/A (2 years ago)

English N/A (2 years ago)


Wipeout - (2011)

Contestants make their way through a giant obstacle course to win a cash prize.

Release: 03/24/2011

IMDB: 6.7

Genders: Comedy, Reality-TV, Game-Show

Countries: USA

Subtitles: 2

Time: 42 min

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English N/A (2 years ago)

English N/A (2 years ago)


Shank - (2010)

An action film for the youth generation, set in a decaying future London. A gang set out on a chase to avenge the murder of one of their own.

Release: 03/26/2010


Genders: Comedy, Crime, Action, Sci-Fi

Countries: UK

Subtitles: 7

Time: 90 min

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Brazillian Portuguese Blu-ray (2 years ago)

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Steel Angel Kurumi

Steel Angel Kurumi - (2002)

During Japan's Taisho Era (1912-1926), a scientist named Ayanokoji developed the Steel Angel-an artificial humanoid with superhuman physical abilities. While the Imperial Army wanted to use...

Release: 04/26/2002


Genders: Animation, Romance, Sci-Fi, Comedy

Countries: Japanese

Subtitles: 1

Time: min

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English N/A (2 years ago)